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Stickybeaks Lunch Wallet – Green Binding


1 Stickybeaks Reusable Lunch Order Bag ”Lunch Wallet”. Green Binding.

In stock


The Stickybeaks Lunch Wallet is specifically designed to replace paper lunch bags when ordering from the canteen.  It holds more food than paper bags and its sturdy flat base makes them easy to pack and stack.

Made from non-woven polypropylene (like green shopping bags) it is durable and easy to clean, simply remove the base and wipe clean with a damp cloth.

The hygienic zippered pocket is to separate money from contact with food and clearly displays the child’s order and a transparent pocket displays name & class.  When not in use, the lunch wallet folds down into a convenient wallet and fastened closed with a velcro strap.

The Stickybeaks Lunch Wallet also works perfectly with online canteen orders. Simply place the printout of your child’s lunch order in the zippered pocket instead of the money. It is also a backup to alert the canteen that your child has placed a lunch order.

We now have 8 binding colours to choose from. Our latest addition to the range is the orange allergy alert lunch wallet.  This lunch wallet is specifically for kids with allergies as it has a unique allergy alert symbol printed on the bag.

The dimensions of the “Lunch Wallet” are approximately 18cm wide, 10cm deep and 23cm high.

Don’t forget to grab your FREE Name & Order Tags from the Stickybeaks website www.stickybeaks.com.au .

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