Free Promotional Material

It is super easy so lets get started

3 easy steps…

These materials are only available to our wholesale customers, if you would like to become a whole sale customer you can apply here.


Download the forms


Create a promotion


Spread it on social media

Step 1

If you decided to do an online fundraiser, skip to step 2.

If not, you need to download the modifiable student order form to send home with the oldest child or put in the school newsletter.

Once downloaded, double click to open. This can then be saved to your desktop or file and printed out when you are ready to start.

Then click on the school order tally form to use once you have received all your orders back from the children. This will open up automatically once clicked. Save this to your desktop or file also. This form will help you add up how many of each item you will be ordering from our website.

 Step 2

It’s time to create a promotion. Drag the flyers you like onto your desktop and print or upload.

Step 3

Social media will help increase sales.

Drag these images onto your desktop and put them on your social media campaigns for example facebook.

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